I learned at an early age that I was in charge of my own healing.  No one actually does it for you.  You are the one that when given the right tools can heal yourself. Some systems claim to do the healing; however, it all depends on you. 

Body, Mind, Emotions, and Soul centered healing is the way.  

It is my opinion that when Western medicine includes the help of complementary and alternative therapies that we can appreciate healing on all levels.

My strengths are in the energy therapies that I include in each healing session. Having gifted teachers such as Dr. Segu Krishna Ramesh and Dr. Aminah Raheem has influenced my work for decades.

Sessions are created for each individual’s need in the present time. Healing sessions may include process acupressure, clinical acupressure, reiki, energy therapy, tachyon energetic cocoon and tools, cranio-sacral therapy, neuromuscular therapy, therapeutic massage.




Classes for every stage of self-discovery.

Clinical Acupressure

Clinical Acupressure was developed by Dr. Aminah Raheem using the 2 acupoint system used in Jin shin which connects a circuit of energy. This style of touch allows a whole being experience - body, mind, emotions and spirit.

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Process Acupressure

Process Acupressure uses psychological and spiritual understanding to harmonize the energies of the body to promote health, mental and spiritual wellness, inner calm, creativity and joy.

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Acupressure for Everyone

Since Insight Acupressure uses a light touch and we stress proper body mechanics and is done in a relaxing environment, everyone can do it.  It can be adapted for those having physical impairments to do effectively and safely.

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"Years ago, Missy helped my frozen shoulder heal in just a few sessions. So of course, I called upon her when my jaw locked. She worked on my extremely tight facial, neck and jaw muscles. After a few sessions, my lock jaw was gone and has never returned. The dentist was ready to do surgery, the doctor wanted to give me muscle relaxers but Missy worked on my ailments and they went away. This is the point at which I experienced the power of acupressure administered by an experienced professional!! I have been a client of Missy’s ever since. Missy has hands of gold and I highly recommend her."

CM - Princeton, New Jersey

"I have COPD and use oxygen to assist with my breath. I had difficulty breathing when I received a very powerful acupressure session from Missy. During this session I was able to take a deeper breath than I could in the previous few days. I am grateful for this healing work."

LD - Glassboro, New Jersey